Mobile is becoming the biggest sales channel.
This is the time to seize this opportunity using the right tools.
Our technology will enable you to achieve:
  • Conversion rate
  • Swipe
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Bigger user exposure to entire product portfolios using swipe navigation.
  • Enhanced user experience and engagement.
Plus, you can enjoy all these advantages and still retain your current CMS!
Mobile sales are, above all, about speed.
Every millisecond counts. This initial loading time test was done using, at the 17.4.14. It was made against the best brands in the world, with solution provided in house or via the biggest mobile solution providers out there.

Pageload test results

Global CDN network allows you to enjoy the great performance all over the world! Cloud based solution
Single development to all platforms
Mobile devices
Seamless automatic update of the mobile solution
At the setup process of the mobile web application, we integrate with your current CMS solution. The most important interface is the catalog update: via this interface we drive your unique and most updated data to our servers. There it undergoes massive processing and optimizing, allowing us now to serve your mobile web as fast as possible, AUTOMATICALLY. Each time you change stock, prices, models, categories, and basically everything at your web CMS, it will seamlessly mirror to your mobile site after being optimized to your specific site’s demands. And what’s best: it doesn’t matter what CMS you are using, we know how to work with it. Even if it is an in-house solution!
Mobile optimized solution