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Lamaloli Lamaloli is a leading German kids’ clothing manufacturer
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Case study Switching to JustDo Mobi’s mobile web-app solution, Lamaloli now enjoys an abandonment rate in the single digits, page views that are double than of their traditional desktop website and user time on mobile site that almost 30% higher than that of their traditional website. Additionally, revenues from mobile web channels account for 15% of Lamaloli’s turnover and ROI was achieved in 3 weeks.

The problem

Lamaloli Created in 2006 is a rapidly growing online children clothes retailer that tripled sales from 2012 to 2013. In 2013 the senior management recognized that the need for a mobile solution was growing by the day. More and more traffic was coming through mobile channels and the website users were leaving without making a purchase.

Therefore the management of Lamaloli was faced with the issue of how to transform this traffic into sales from mobile channels

Lamaloli requested a web solution that will provide users with an ultimate shopping experience, but wanted to control both their traditional website and the mobile web-app from the same CMS.

The solution

Rising to the challenge, JustDo Mobi developed a custom made mobile web-application for Lamaloli. Using APIs JustDo Mobi created a mobile web-app back end system that integrated to the existing system, automatically pulls the data, optimize it for mobile web, and mirrors the data on Lamaloli’s current CMS in virtually real time (up to 100ms).

After the entire infrastructure was set, JustDo Mobi proceeded to the client side. The idea was to give mobile users what they want – a look, feel and immediate response of an application without the need to download and install a native application.

It was a somewhat pioneering challenge, developing a unique, first of its kind, single page mobile web application for an online retailer. Retail sites are complex and heavy, and JustDo Mobi needed to make major breakthroughs to make it work.

On October 2013 we launched the first mobile web application for a fashion retailer – Lamaloli’s mobile solution. The effect was direct – the mobile friendly user experience, presenting a web flow resembling that of a native application, was adopted quickly.

On March 2014, the site was upgraded and now supports unlimited number of products, sophisticated search function and even faster loading time.

The results The site is rock steady – it’s tolerant to spikes of up to 1M customers, so that even during the Christmas sales season JustDo Mobi didn’t have to do anything to support the high volume of traffic and Lamaloli enjoyed a record breaking sales season. And while it feels like a native application, since it is a web-application, analytics is easy, and advertising specific products and other critical functionality of a website are not lost in the process.

In figures it means:

ROI – 17 days

Bounce rate – 4%

Year-to-year growth in mobile revenue – 350%

If you feel that your company is ready to reach a new sales targets feel free to contact us and we will start solving your mobile needs.
Walla ToursWalla Tours is a leading Israeli tourism company.
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