Our aspiration is to make the mobile world a better place for shoppers.

Mobile is a very different media than web. The screen is smaller, the Internet connection is slower and less reliable, and shoppers are on the move and subject to many distractions. For these reasons, mobile web should be treated differently than traditional web. The experience should be unique, intuitive, friendly and goal-oriented. However, there is no logic to develop a separate native application for each store on the market. This is why we brought the application experience to the web.

JustDomobi was founded after a long research of mobile web solutions and “what mobile users want”, and understanding the enormous gap between the two. Learning all existing solutions, interviewing customers on what they were pleased with and what they missed, and packing the conclusions to one, fast and slick, web application for retailers.

Understanding that speed is the king, and search capabilities is the queen, all our products are supported by a global CDN and a powerful search engine. Our solutions varies from standard mobile web site that’s affordable and fast to deploy to an enterprise, cutting edge, full custom web application.

About Us:

Yigal Carmy
Yigal Carmy, Co-Founder
Spending months investigating the best mobile user experience, came up with the ambitious idea to give the mobile users application experience over web. Constantly investigating the user journey on mobile sites. Enjoys Juggling.
Arik Litinsky
Arik Litinsky, Co-Founder
Technology enthusiastic, Arik took the impossible idea and made it possible. Combining various cutting edge technological solutions, Arik made our single page web application for retailers – the world’s first! - come to life. Likes his coffee black.